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Monday, June 18, 2012

More Is Better.....especially when it's Ginkgo Biloba!

I have shared with all of you on my blog that the dose for ginkgo biloba on the Changing Minds Foundation website is a minimum dose to see results.  I have suggested to all I meet that dose is important and the more you give the more results you will see.  My son, Neal, takes 4 to 5 times his weight in ginkgo.  See below what happens when you do increase the amount of ginkgo your child takes.

Below is an email I got from a parent who recently increased her daughter's ginkgo:

My daughter, Whitney, is 7 and has been on NutriChem’s customized vitamin therapy since July, 2010 where we saw major improvements globally with her.  She was diagnosed with PDD-NOS in October, 2009.  I’ve written about her vitamins under the blog section of our website  As noted she went from no expressive language to finally developing expressive language.  Even though she was on 100 mg per day of gingko biloba her processing seemed to have stuck at 3.  A few weeks ago I attended the AutismOne Conference in Chicago and finally got to meet Dr. Teresa Cody.  After our talks, and her suggestion that I increase the gingko significantly, on May 28th we began increasing Whitney’s Gingko to 220 mg per day (50 mg in morning with custom vitamins, 120 mg at lunch with AOR , and another 50 mg before dinner with custom vitamins).  She weighs 42 lbs.  Within a week her teachers at school were noticing increases in ability and more talking (not always clear but more).  One teacher she has on Friday’s was really amazed at the change she has seen week to week.  In addition, I have noticed that Whitney is sleeping longer in the mornings.  So far no 6 am (or earlier) wake ups. 
On June 7th we increased the dose to  110 mg with breakfast, 120 mg with lunch and 110 mg with dinner (340 mg per day).  On June 10th here is what happened:

I’ve been really puzzled this last year as to why Whitney has still only been able to scribble and draw a few circles (roughly) and nothing else.  At lunch today Whitney was drawing on one of those erasable pads and did this:

Drew two parallel lines with a line across the top and said “house”, then put a line in the middle and said “door”, then drew a line with some curly things on the top to the left of the house and said “tree”, then on the other side drew another tree and said “another tree”, then scribbled the bottom and said “grass”.

This for my darling 7 year old daughter is really significant.   All of it, we believe from ramping up the gingko biloba.  Thank you to all the parents who have been saying how important the gingko can be for our children and to Teresa Cody for suggesting that we should try and significantly increase the dosage for Whitney.

Whitney’s teachers, the school aids and other students are all noticing that she is functioning better, not just cognitively but also better co-ordination on the playground and the gym.
We are really impressed and so thankful for Teresa Cody.  It’s unfortunate that Teresa did not get an opportunity to speak at the AutismOne Conference, however, we are very much looking forward to having her on our Cruise and I look forward to hearing more about Gingko and Prozac.  Hopefully she will be speaking in a city close to where I live before the Cruise as I’d like to hear all of her talk.
Best regards,
Rosalie Newell-Wagner
2013 Down Syndrome Cruise Conference

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