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Monday, August 23, 2010


I'm mad. I am so MAD! Can you believe there is still DISCRIMINATION against Down syndrome?  Dulles Middle School, here in Texas thinks it is their decision whether a child is allowed in the classroom or not.
I have a friend with a child, Riley. He has Down syndrome. Dulles Middle school is kicking him out of the regular classroom. Riley has been in the regular classroom from kindergarten through 5th grade. Now all of a sudden, he doesn't belong.
 For the past week, I read the law, IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act). It is very clear. The school by federal law must provide every child a 'free appropriate public education' in the least restrictive environment.
Riley has been on the CMF protocol ( ) for 5 years. So, in fact, he is capable of learning many things. In science, he learned all of the lab equipment and what it was used for. For example, he knows that a beaker is used to measure volume. But putting aside the fact that he can learn, it is completely against the law to automatically place him in a life skills classroom segregated from his peers just because he has Down syndrome.
The school is not backing down. They are determined to segregate him. This is blatent DISCRIMINATION!
 Will you please help fight this injustice? Riley needs your help. Please write or call in protest:
Fort Bend ISD Administration Office can be reached by:

P.O. Box 1004
Sugar Land, TX 77487-1004
Here is the web page for all the school board members in Fort Bend ISD
If you are reading this blog, you probably have a connection with Down syndrome in some way. If the school is allowed to do this to Riley, they can do it to anyone.


  1. That is terrible. Thanks for sharing

  2. UGH! Done! I sent my email. How awful for that family!

  3. It's not a matter of the school being allowed to do it. It is against the law and they are clearly in violation. This family needs a lawyer and/or an advocate. Do you have suggestions for them?

  4. this is one of my fears, society continues to discriminate even when the cognitive development is in line. How do we change it for our kids? As far as what i have seen plenty of "typical" kids should be removed from the classroom too


    This is Renee's blog. They just fought for this for her daughter going into Kindergarten! She is a wealth of information and she can hook them up with the right people to fight this.