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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Will We Soon Be Able to Look at the Brain?

In The Wall Street Journal, (Personal Journal section, page D 3) there is an article entitled "Mysterious Brain Circuitry Becomes Viewable".  "Researchers at Stanford University for the first time recorded 1,000 neurons working together in a LIVING brain for a month." (I capitolized living for emphasis)
All I can say is WOW!
But Stanford is not the only ones lighting the brain up. There is innovation exploding around the world. For example, scientists are wrapping the brain in soft sheets of microsopic sensor circuits, using cell sized diodes, turning the brain into a wireless transmittor.
Scientists want to transform crude forms of imaging, like functional MRI, into detailed pictures thhat can show details how the human brain's 100 billion neurons link into circuits through trillions of pathways.

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  1. Hi Teresa,

    I am so overdo to connect with you and share the wonderful update on our Perfect Pete!

    He is now 7 years old and has been on the CMF Protocol for over 6 years and doing amazing in so many ways and it has a ton to do with the Protocol!

    He is currently at St Andrew Catholic School in Kindergarten with 28 other students. He does not have a full time aid and he has an great intervention team; his kindergarten teacher, IS teacher and Speech therapist at the school....oh and I cannot forget Joanne Mothes who goes into Peter's class every Thursday to not only help Peter but give her expertise and guidance to the teachers.

    Peter is moving up to 1st grade and we are in the process of receiving a scholarship that will fund an OT to support Peter at school...Yeah! Thank you Governor Kasich! In the next few weeks we are meeting with the first grade teachers and his IS team to plan for September.

    Because of Peter's total emersion into a typical classroom his speech, fine motor, reading, math and social skills have progressed beyond our comprehension. His Kindergarten teacher consistently shares how smart he is and how quickly he processes the learning. And his IS shared Peter is ahead in some areas of learning than other students in his class. WOW! What we have found for his learning is repetition means retention and with that he works with Joanne outside of school once a week.

    Some of the areas Peter needs to work on is his stubborn nature....go figure! Finally, his teacher has learned not to take "No" for an answer and over the past few months Peter has been much more cooperative. He also can get frustrated when he cannot communicate his thoughts as quickly as his kiddin'! and at times he acts out but because of this school being like a family...his classmates are very understanding. He also struggles with transitions...Joanne recently said "Oh my it is not that the work is too hard for Peter he just has a hard time transitioning"...guess that is a good thing... so we are working on that now.

    Did you notice that Peter does not have a physical therapist? Peter tested normal for his gross motor at 3yrs so now he is our athlete! Right now we have Peter in weekly swim lessons and he was on the kindergarten soccer team in the fall. He loves sports and we love watching him play!

    This summer he will enjoy summer camp at our fitness club with typical children. They enjoy having Peter in their program because he does so well. We will continue his speech and OT therapy and visits with his favorite teacher Joanne to keep his learning current and ready for first grade.

    Praise the Lord Peter does not have any health issues. He occasionally gets the croup and a cold but nothing major.

    Know that we appreciate so much all you have done to help Peter be healthy in his brain. He takes his meds and vitamins in the morning and then his Ginko (extended release)at night.

    Please let me know if you have anything more to add to the protocol?

    We love you and miss you and you remain in our prayers.

    Love In Christ, Brenda Lombardi