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Thursday, February 14, 2013

DS Hero Starts Scholarship !!

Many of you have read about the waiter, Michael Castro from a small Texas town, who defended the little boy with Down syndrome when another customer was rude to him.  The other customer was quoted as saying "Special needs kids should be kept in special places".  The waiter came to the defense of Milo Castillo, the little boy with DS, and he refused to serve the rude customer.   This amazing waiter has become a hero and not only has he received all kinds of notariety, but also donations!  Fans of Mr. Garcia have donated $1,145.00 to him for his courageous act. 

Guess what?  He donated ALL the money to the Rise School of Houston, a  preschool for special needs children that little Milo attends. 

Please read the article for yourself at the link below:

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