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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Boy With DS is East Texas Mayor For 8 Minutes!!!

You will love this story!  It is about an 8-year old boy with Down syndrome who is appointed as the mayor of Gladewater, TX, for 8 minutes during a city council meeting.  He opens the meeting by asking the previous mayor, Mr. Harold Wells, to pray, which he does, and then Ryan recites Psalm 23 for everyone!  He is an amazing little boy!  Ryan's mom, Colleen, found our website online the other day and wanted to share her son's story with our group.  I have a reply out to her asking if Ryan is taking any supplements.  I will get back to you all with that answer.

I have given you the link below to the ABC news story about Ryan and his appointment as Mayor!

Happy New Year everyone!!!


  1. We're you able to find out if this little boy is on supplements?

  2. What an awesome story...great find!!!!