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Thursday, August 2, 2012

CMF Success Story -- Robin 14 yrs.

Robin is now 14 years old. We started him on the CMF protocol 4 years ago, when I read about it on the awesome site by Miriam Kauk  "EINSTEIN SYNDROME".

Although we had been following a neurodevelopmental program since birth, as well as a nutritional protocol from International Nutrition which included Piracetam and Nutrivene D, once Rob got to be of school age, I felt that he could do even better academically. So I decided to give CMF a try!

Both my husband and myself were/are very pleased at Rob's gains in the last 4 years.


-biking without training wheels
-batting and catching a ball
-riding a horse with voice and leg commands on his own
-balancing and using the monkey bars (brachiation ladder) unaided
-taking a more active part in contact sports (soccer, volleyball, softball)...but he would rather watch a      movie or play on his Xbox...ha!

Rob has a full day of academics at our local school. Although he is not mainlined, I teach him myself but he is in daily contact with the rest of the student body. He participates in drama/music/art/sports with the rest of the school.

Completed the second level of the Edmark reading program. Currently on the Reading Horizons protocol and doing well with minimal assistance.

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