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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Reviews Are In..........

 Changing Minds had one of our One-Day Seminars in Tucson, Arizona, this past weekend, and we wanted to share one of the comments we received in our email box upon our return home.   We think it might be the best review we have ever gotten!!!!  The photo is of Raquel's son, Noah, all dressed up for Halloween.  Isn't he cute?

Hi there, 

Regarding the seminar in Tucson... It was fabulous!!!  Great information, loved the delivery from all the speakers... Also, have spent this morning trying to schedule appt's to get my son Noah, age 5, on the entire protocol, Prozac included :)
Was very hesitant about having my son take a medication, but the delivery and explanations from Dr Teresa made my decision a very simple one.  She truly used both visual explanations as well as personal testimonies to convince me to try this.  I believe that this may be the Holy Grail that I have been searching for since my little man was born in 06'.  This may truly be the "One Small Step for Mankind" that is needed in today's world!

Thank you!

Raquel mom to Noah Bryce

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