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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Evansville Is Warm and Wonderful!

The Changing Minds seminar in Evansville, Indiana, was a big success!  We had many parents, teachers and medical professionals there to hear all about the science behind the protocol.  Teresa did a great job delivering the information and answering everyone's questions.  We sold several DVD's, which is always a strong indicator of interest.  We hope that everyone reading this is doing their part to spread the word about available treatment for DS.

Pictured are: (front row) Tess & Mary; (back row) Mercy, Miriam, Stacy, Teresa, Nina & Andy

1 comment:

  1. Wondering if you folks are following this doctor's work too-- something other than prozac...

    We started our 18 month old Ethan on the ginko, B-12, folic acid, krill oil(for omega 3s), and Vitamin D

    He has been very energetic and communicating and observing signs more readily, not to mention, no more constipation...

    Our pediatrician borrowed the video and is excited to pursue more information about the rest of the protocol.