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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Neal is really learning math!!!

My 13 year old son, Neal, has a tutor that works with him 2 days per week after school.  This week they were working on some double digit math addition.  She always writes me a note to say how Neal did that day, and here is her note:

"We had a Mexican stand off today in math.  We did about 3 problems together -- then he shut down on me.  So I just sat there.... and he started working by himself and got ALL of them right !"

So....I started wondering if maybe he is just capable now of doing it by himself and he gets frustrated and maybe even insulted that his tutor works each problem with him.  He is changing and learning in leaps and bounds these days, thanks to the protocol!  It is really exciting!  Below is his work:

*Notice how he adds the first two numbers and then writes their sum off to the right, then carries the one over and adds the next column.

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