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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Neal Reads the Newspaper

Neal's tutor said that she thought he was ready to try and tackle reading the newspaper.  So I have made a video of him reading an article about the planet Mercury from the Houston Chronicle.  I attached the article so you all can see the words he is saying.  Neal is 13 and his voice is changing....he has become a bit froggy and deep!  I thought he did pretty well for the first time! 

I had to stop taping because the dog started to bark, but I wanted you to see both videos.

Notice what he does when he reads the words "St. Patrick's Day".....I think that is also amazing! He pinches his tutor because they are talking about St. Patrick's Day, even though he doesn't notice she is wearing green!

I have also given you an example of what Neal usually reads.  This stuff about George Washington is pretty easy for him and he rattles it off.  I should probably film him reading this as well. 

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