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Friday, February 25, 2011

can sleep be as easy as GB?

NO.   No. no. it can't be as easy  as Ginkgo biloba around the clock. Can a gaba antagonist be that  important? I gave Neal GB 120 mg before bed 4 nights in a row. Could that be the answer to the sleeping problem? The next morning  he told me ' I slept well and I am in SUCH a good mood!" Can that even be possible? I am not adding words to his sentence or filling in any blanks. That is what he said yesterday morning. 
Does it mean we give a GABA antagonist around the clock? I don't know. But it does make sense.  Wouldn't it be important to be balanced  all day and all night?
This morning he told my husband, "I'm not tired."
Don't jump to any conclusions from only 2 days but I got the idea from a study.
GABA A Receptors Inhibit Acetylcholine Release in Cat Pontine Reticular Formation: Implications for REM Sleep Regulation 
The entire study is available online. They used a GABA antagonist and triggered REM sleep. Neal has 2-3% REM in sleep studies [he has had 2]. I'm about to set up a third study. I'll let you know how it turns out.
I don't know why but I never thought about Ginkgo Biloba's half life before. Ginkgo's 1//2 life is about 6 hours and the Biloba piece has about a 3 hour 1/2 life. Arrrgh! I think he ran out over the course of the day and by night he was off balance and overly GABA inhibited again.

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