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Monday, August 16, 2010

Inflammation and Resolution

The importance of fatty acids (Body Bio Oil) is the toughest part of the CMF protocol to explain. I've tried explaining it by describing the chemistry and eyes glaze over, but I'm going to try again.
I was searching a site called yesterday and found new studies on inflammation and resolution. There is tremendous evidence that Alzheimer's disease is a state of  chronic inflammation. Specifically neuroinflammation. Inflammation is the body's natural response to injury or assault. It begins the healing process. There is a flip side to inflammation called resolution. Resolution is an 'active' process with specific chemicals that clears and limits the inflammatory response.
A recent study from Harvard identified chemicals that reduce or control the magnitude of the inflammatory response. These chemicals are called Specialized Pro-resolving Mediators (SPM). These chemicals are derived from lipids, in other words, fatty acids. Aha....the importance of Body Bio Oil. You want your body to make these SPMs.
"SPMs include resolvins, protectins and maresins and are biosynthesized from essential omega-3 fatty acid precursors."

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