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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Half the Previous Blog Disappeared

I know none of you have computer problems but they seem to be following me around. Half of the last blog has rudely disappeared. It is in cyberspace somewhere????
Anyway, as I was writing...... Neal did another round of AIT a few weeks ago. The therapy is listening to 'music', 30 minutes twice a day for 10 days in a row. Yes, it is a pain. You have to go to an certified AIT practitioner and listen on special equipment at their office. Neal's speech pathologist is certified and badgered me into doing it again this year.
Last year, we saw no outward changes. Maybe something improved in his brain but we couldn't see anything. This year is another story. He has been speaking in complete sentences but he immediately has added details and prepositional phrases. WOW!
I truly don't understand this therapy and I have learned that I don't need to know everything. It is much more productive if I stick with my strengths.

There is much more information on the official website:

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  1. Mac has benefited from AIT as well..... have you listened to the headphones... crazy?!