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Thursday, July 29, 2010

CMF Down Syndrome July Conference

Wow!!! 'Talk about Success'!!!
The CMF Down Syndrome conference was held July 23 - 24 in Houston, Texas. The conference was held to discuss the latest treatments for improving Down syndrome learning and memory and to discuss the ongoing scientific research.
Sponsored by the Changing Minds Foundation, speakers included Joanne Mothes, cognitive therapist, Missy McDonald, speech pathologist, Debbie Elder, behavior specialist, as well as, Dr. Craig Garner, Dr. Craig Heller and Dr. Dan Wetmore of Stanford University Down Syndrome Research Center.
90 attendees came from all across the US and as far away as Singapore. "This is so exciting. This is the first time since Mac was born that we have real hope", said Lexy Austin, mother of 6 year old Maclain.
For more information on the CMF protocol and the latest research go to

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  1. so true!! amazing conference & Mac is going to have a different life because of you, Teresa Cody!! :)